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Guam Fire Department

It is the mission of the Guam Fire Department to provide quality emergency and non-emergency services to those who live, work, invest, and visit our island. We accomplish this by responding to fires, emergency medical incidents, hazardous materials incidents, and performing services to save lives, property, and preserve the environment. We are dedicated to service as highly trained professionals and are ready to uphold this commitment through a proactive approach on public education, code enforcement and innovative life and fire safety awareness as well as an enhanced E911 communication system and quality emergency services.

E911 Communications Bureau

The mission of the E911 Communications Bureau is to ensure that any and all emergency services are accessible to all members of the community whether through the E911 System, general access telephone, or Federal or local government agency. To provide quality emergency medical dispatching services and ensure the uninterrupted availability of E911 communications to the public and the Guam Fire Department. To help prevent, mitigate, or ease; the suffering of the sick and injured, limit the loss or damage to property; and lessen the impact of hazardous situations on the environment, by accurately gathering, prioritizing and disseminating emergency response information to the appropriate response agencies or units. To maintain accurate, complete records of Guam Fire Department response activities and unit dispositions and help to coordinate interagency communications.

Suppression Bureau

This division is responsible for administering programs and services to the Suppression and extinguishment of all fire incidents on Guam; the preparation of the departmental budget; it's goals and objectives; conducts review of all command and section activities to ensure compliance on consonance with department directives and orders; conducts strategic planning for conformity to established goals and objectives; coordinates with Fire Chief on training and development, and enhancing firefighting capabilities, strategies, and jurisdictional and Mutual Aid covenants.

EMS/Rescue Bureau

This division is responsible for the administration of the Emergency Medical Services (EMS Ambulance) and Rescue Operations; assists in the preparation of the GFD Annual Budget, development of division goals and objectives; conducting of periodic quality assurance to ensure compliance to departmental, federal rules and regulations, orders and directives; program development and implementation for achievement of goals and objectives and the conducting of training programs to enhance personnel skill and proficiencies for quality delivery services.

Prevention Bureau

This activity is responsible for the enforcement of fire law's and regulations; the inspections and abatement of existing and potential fire hazards; the development evaluation and administration of fire prevention and fire safety programs; the review of building plans for compliance with the Territorial Code requirements; the investigation of fires to determine the origin and cause and recommend corrective measures; the processing of all complaints pertaining to fires, life safety and hazardous conditions, the review of existing ordinances, rules and regulations, laws and other related publications and recommend major changes or revisions if necessary; the provision of consultation services on fire protection requirements in accordance with the Territorial Uniform Fire Code; and, the preparation of the bureau's budget plan and goals and objectives.

Administrative Services & Support Bureau

This division is responsible for the administration of administrative, fiscal, and logistical support services department-wide. Its support activities comprise of all services related functions such as Accounting, Fiscal and Records Management, Human Resources, and Development. It is responsible for the coordination with other divisions with GFD for the preparations of its Annual Budget. Administrative Services and Support develops division goals and objectives, plans and implement operational programs to provide efficient delivery of services to the department and the public.

Training Bureau

This activity is involved in coordinating efforts with other units within the department for the purpose of identifying employee training requirements; implementing improved methods of instruction; establishing and maintaining a cadre of qualified instructors for the Guam Fire Academy; coordinating education programs for the department; identifying employees' training needs through surveys, questionnaires and other means; exploring training programs administered by other community colleges and training institutions; monitoring and evaluating the appropriateness and relevance of our training curriculum based on technical and managerial changes.



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Office of the Fire Chief

Joey San Nicolas
Fire Chief
Phone: 642-3321
E-mail: joey.sannicolas@gfd.guam.gov

Kathleen N. Leon Guerrero
Secretary II
Phone: 642-3321
Email: kathleen.leonguerrero@gfd.guam.gov

Andy S. Arceo
Fire Captain/Fire Chief's Aide
Phone: 478-3473
E-mail: andy.arceo@gmail.com

Kevin J.Reilly
Fire Fighter II/Public Information Officer
Phone: 735-3352
E-mail: kevin.reilly@gfd.guam.gov

Internal Affairs Section

Andy Arceo
Fire Captain/Staff Inspector
Phone: 642-3321
E-mail: andy.arceo@gmail.com

Roland J. Santos
Fire Captain/Internal Affairs
Phone: 642-3321
E-mail: roland.santos@gfd.guam.gov

Special Projects

Kevin J.Reilly
Fire Fighter II/Special Projects
Phone: 735-3352
E-mail: kevin.reilly@gfd.guam.gov

Administrative & Services Bureau

Lillian Tudela
Administrative Service Officer(Acting)
Phone: 642-3424
E-mail: lillian.tudela@gfd.guam.gov

Personnel Office
Vivian Perez-Quichocho
Personnel Officer
Phone: 642-3421

Payroll Office
Gabriel Camacho
Payroll Clerk
Phone: 642-3440

Management Information Systems Office
Paul Rolinski
Network Coordinator(Collateral Assignment)/Communications Officer/
E911 EMD Supervisor
Phone: 642-3321
E-mail: paul.rolinski@gfd.guam.gov

Suppression Bureau/EMS Rescue Bureau/ E911 Communications Bureau/Training Bureau

Operations Chief
Michael F. Uncangco
Assistant Fire Chief
Phone: 649-8805

E-911 Officer in Charge
Philip J.E. Camacho
Fire Lieutenant/E-911 OIC
Phone:  475-9080
E-mail: philip.camacho@gfd.guam.gov

E-911 Secretary
Lillian Tudela
Sercetary 1 (Typist)/ A.S.O.(Acting)
Phone: 642-3455
E-mail: lillian.tudela@gfd.guam.gov

Fire Suppression
Peter A. Charfaruos
Assistant Fire Chief
Phone: 642-3321
E-mail: peter.charfaruos@gfd.guam.gov

Daren D. Burrier
Assistant Fire Chief
Phone: 478-3474
E-mail: daren.burrier@gfd.guam.gov

Jacques T Santos
Firefighter Lieutenant
Phone: 478-3472
Email: jacques.santos@gfd.guam.gov

Fire Prevention Bureau
Joey Manibusan
Assistant Fire Chief/Supervisor
Phone: 646-8810
E-mail: joey.manibusan@gfd.guam.gov

Maintenance Division
Richard J. Cotelesse
Firefighter I
Phone: 642-3321
E-mail: ricocotelesse@yahoo.com

Training Division
Daren D. Burrier
Assistant Fire Chief/Supervisor
Phone: 478-3474
Email: daren.burrier@gfd.guam.gov

Jacques T.M. Santos
Fire Lieutenant
Phone: 478-3472
Email: jacques.santos@gfd.guam.gov

Eric Castro
Firefighter II
Phone: 478-3472
Email: eric.castro@gfd.guam.gov

HazMat Science Officer
Art R. Stanley
Firefighter I
Phone: 642-3321
Email: art.stanley@gfd.guam.gov

Supply Division
Richard J. Cotelesse
Firefighter I
Phone: 642-3321
E-mail: ricocotelesse@yahoo.com